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Barre Fit and Classical Barre

Barre Fit is a 360 degree body workout with upbeat music, a strong emphasis on legs and glutes, but also core and upper body work to help craft a long, lean and strong physique. Our classes are open to complete beginners or ex ballet dancers and everything inbetween, and our experienced instructors are always on hand to guide you through every step. We offer 55 minute classes as standard, and also express 45 minute classes when you want the same barre burn but you don't quite have the time for a full length class.

Classical barre uses the techniques of classical ballet in a class designed to be both gentle and encouraging to all abilities. You will use your whole body in long fluid movements to improve strength and balance, whilst moving in time to music for a mindful experience. Choose from 3 classes a week with 2 excellent teachers, Reena Bhattacharjee and Julia Molas, who have both trained in ballet to the highest standards.

Barre Fit and Classical Barre classes are available as follows: