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B2C Collaborations

If you want to offer yoga and wellbeing events for your customers, we can help. We have collaborated with a number of institutions such as the Natural History Museum, Barbican, Art Night, Walthamstow Garden Party, to offer custom offerings for their audiences.

1. Natural History Museum

East of Eden has collaborated with the Natural History Museum to offer a series of unique yoga events at the museum. From yoga, breathwork and sound healing under the blue whale skeleton in the beautiful Hintze Hall to yoga under the Moon in the Jerwood Gallery, we have been working with this prestigious institution to deliver high quality wellbeing events that do not compromise their scientific integrity since April 2018. To see our current programme and book tickets, please visit the NHM website.

2. Attune

We collaborated with Hayden Thorpe (ex Wild Beasts) in Winter 2019/20 to offer Attune in an art gallery in Waterloo: a series of events combining music with yoga and meditation to engage your senses and activate your parasympathetic nervous system, taking you out of the busy city-state of mind, leaving you relaxed and receptive. We partnered with artists such as Hinako Omori, Leo Abrahams and Joe Goddard to bring a mix of live music with yoga events high over London.

During lockdown, we also ran this as an online event in May 2020.

3. Barbican

In October 2016, we offered yoga in the Barbican as part of a weekend festival, and also delivered a gong bath in front of an immersive light sculpture by Zarah Hussain.

Event dates and times

Please email abby@edeneast.co.uk to find out more