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Christmas Timetable 2019

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We will be operating a reduced schedule from 16th December 2019 until 2nd January 2020 as follows:

16th December until 20th December:

Studio 1 schedule - NO CHANGE

Studio 2 has the 7am class, the lunchtime class and then evening classes as usual.

The 10.45am yoga class on Thursday 19th December will be happening as usual.

21st December and 22nd December:

All classes operating as usual

23rd December:

9.30am: Reformer Open, Sophia Fuchs,

9.30am: Vinyasa Flow Experienced, Tanja Mickwitz,

10.30am: Reformer Basics, Sophia Fuchs

12.00pm: Reformer Open, Sophia Fuchs

12.30pm: Vinyasa Flow, James Cassidy

1.45pm: Yin Yoga, James Cassidy

5.30pm: Vinyasa Flow, Roberto Rualcava

6.00pm: Reformer Experienced, Amanda Formisano

6.45pm: Flow & Restore, Natalie Owen

7.00pm: Reformer Open, Amanda Formisano

24th December - 26th December:


26th December - 31st December:

Friday 27th

9.00am Reformer Open, Sophia Fuchs

9.30am Dynamic Flow, Eimear

10.00am Reformer Open, Sophia Fuchs

0:30-11:30am Dynamic Experienced Yoga - Catherine

11.00am: Reformer Basics, Sophia Fuchs

11:00am: Mat Pilates, Sally-Anne

12.00pm: Reformer Open, Sophia Fuchs

12.15pm: Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Rain

1:30pm: Restorative Yoga and Nidra with Mel

Saturday 28th

9:00am Reformer Open, Sally-Anne

9.15am: Hatha Flow, Shira

10:00 Reformer Experienced, Sally-Anne

10.45am: Vinyasa Flow Open, Sherene

11:00am Reformer Open, Sally-Anne

12:00pm Reformer Basics, Sally-Anne

12.00pm: Restorative Yoga and Nidra, Jodi

Sunday 29th

9.00am Reformer Open, Sophia Fuchs

9.00am: Dynamic Flow Open, Eva

10.00am Reformer Open, Sophia Fuchs

10.30am: Vinyasa Flow Open, Emily McGregor

11.00am Reformer Open, Sophia Fuchs

11.45am: Restorative Yoga and Sound, Sherene

12.00pm Reformer Basics, Sophia Fuchs

Monday 30th

9:00am: Reformer Open, Maisie

9.30am: Mat Pilates Open, Sally-Anne

10:00am Reformer Experienced, Maisie

11:00am Reformer Basics, Sally-Anne

11:00am: Pregnancy Yoga Maisie

12.00pm: Reformer Open, Sally-Anne

12:15pm: Dynamic Flow Open, Jodi

13:15: Restorative Yoga and Nidra, Jodi

Tuesday 31st

9.30am: Reformer Open, Taryne

9.30a: Vinyasa Flow, Emily

10.30am: Reformer Open, Taryne

10.45am: Dynamic Flow, Eva

11.30am: Reformer Basics, Taryne

1st January


2nd January

No 7am classes, then schedule as normal