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East of Eden 200 Hour YTT with Tanja Mickwitz and James Cassidy

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We invite you to East of Eden’s first Yoga Teacher Training with senior yoga teachers Tanja Mickwitz and James Cassidy.

Tanja and James bring their enthusiasm, compassion, joy and full hearts into offering this training! Between them they share 25 years of teaching experience and nearly four decades of practice.

At the core of this training sits the understanding that yoga is not just for the mat, but something which supports and enhances all aspects of our lives. The aim is to dive deeper into the full spectrum of what yoga offers, deepen the experience of the practices, with the opportunity to then be able to share this with others. The course in itself will be highly experiential, with the freedom to explore your own personal expression within a supportive community of like-minded yoga enthusiasts.

In a nurturing space co-created between teachers and students you will explore the many aspects of yoga and teaching, from asana labs and intelligent sequencing, to the subtle body (elements, chakras, prana vayus, koshas) and yogic philosophy in practice, as well as anatomy, biomechanics, mantras, mudras, teaching methodology and much more.

This training is not only for those who wish to teach yoga, but for all serious and curious practitioners who wish to further their understanding of the practices and the tradition of yoga.

Dates for the training run April to June (see link below for specific weekends), and costs are £2995 if paid in full before the start of the training, or you can pay in instalments - either 4 months of £862.50 for 4 months, or £1150 for 3 months.

For more info on how to apply, please go to https://eastofeden.uk/teacher-...

Check out their livestream Q&A here - https://www.instagram.com/reel...