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Find Your Ikigai 2020


Ikigai is a Japanese concept around finding purpose in our lives. It's been said, it's the secret to a long and happy life. Inside each of us is our dream life - our true purpose - but along the way, education, work, family and the demands and distractions of daily life mean we can lose sight of what we truly want to do.

Find your ikigai and design a life of purpose in our 4 month course for 2020 led by Sarah Rush. This is the third year we have run this course, and we have seen great results from previous years. Through a series of four workshops. undertake written assignments, practise yoga, meditation and yoga nidra to help you uncover your dreams and develop and embed a practical toolkit to put the steps in place to achieve your goals and dreams. When we create space to turn down the volume of our loud inner narrative, which generally runs the show, we can begin to listen more deeply and start to align with our deeper mental, emotional and spiritual needs and wants.

For the duration of the course there will be mentoring to support you throughout the process of personal transformation. Workshop dates are: January 25th, February 22nd, March 21st and a half day retreat May 2nd.

Investment: £250. Includes all 4 workshops (including a half day retreat with lunch) and ongoing support and mentoring.

We are offering 2 free places this year, for people who would love to find their Ikigai, but for whom this course is out of reach for financial reasons. If this is you, please email abby@edeneast.co.uk marking your email IKIGAI explaining why you think we should offer you a free place before 20 Dec 2019. We will let you know by Dec 31 if we are able to offer you a free place.

Feedback from last year’s Find Your Ikigai:

“I was not sure what to expect of the IKIGAI course, but it felt right from the first moment. Sarah has filled this course with yogic wisdom and personal development, and she presents the content in an upbeat and humoristic way. The course made me take a hard look at myself and come to some well needed truths about my life. Sarah was great as a sounding board and motivator throughout the course and afterwards. The course has genuinely changed my life and made me take some necessary steps in order to get closer to my dreams and ideal life. My warmest recommendations.”

“Following attending Sarah’s Find Your Ikigai course I was able to manifest myself into a nice little apartment in a hilltop village in the heart of Abruzzo, Italy. An ambition I’d had for nearly 20 years. In addition to buying a ‘bolt hole’ in Italy I had also, following the Ikigai workshops on manifesting and writing my dreams, been able to sort out six years of overdue taxes as well as claim £20 000 pounds from an insurance company who was withholding funds due to incomplete paperwork from me. The money now sits in my bank account.

I had delayed and procrastinated, unpaid taxes for 6 years, or put tasks into the ‘too hard basket’, financial claim for 18 months. Suddenly, I was free from subconscious barriers and over a period of a few weeks engage an accountant and provide the relevant documentation with an ease that had not been previously present. “

“I now have a daily meditation practice that continues to support and enrich my busy life. Sarah’s approach both to the Ikigai workshops and yoga classes are always full of laughter, acceptance, generosity and love. She shares her own experiences with humility and always entreats people to be kind to themselves. I come away from her yoga classes with a sense of calm and well-being; that the class has hit just right level of energy and challenge.”