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Find Your Ikigai 2023 with Sarah Rush


Sarah Rush is back for the 5th year running with this new and improved series of transformational workshops that will encourage you to dream, find clarity within your vision, and help to silence the voices and blocks that so often get in our way.

2023 Dates

Saturday 28th January 4-6.30

Sundays Feb 26th and March 26th 2.30-5

Sunday April 30 12.30- 5 which includes a lunch

Do you have a feeling that where you're at in life isn't quite where you want to be? That things you're doing day-to-day aren't what you imagined, and deep-down aren't in alignment with the dreams you have? Or maybe something's a little off, but you're not actually sure what the big dream is? If so, this could be the course for you.


A small island off the main coast of Japan is home to one of the oldest, healthiest and happiest communities on the planet. The longevity and wellbeing of the inhabitants of Okinawa are said in great part to be down to what they refer to as 'Ikigai' - they all have a reason for being.

4 workshops, 3 months

In this unique, 4-part course taking you from the New Year into Spring, Sarah Rush will introduce you to the concept, and support and guide you through the process to find your own Ikigai. All workshops will incorporate yoga and meditation practices to complement the theme being worked with that month, as well as journalling exercises to help bring bring to light the personal factors that will lead towards you finding your Ikigai. There will also be online support during the course to help guide you between workshops.

January 28th, Workshop 1: Introducing Ikigai & Identifying Our Blocks

In this workshop we will look at how we can sometimes feel “stuck” in our life and start to identify the ways we often limit ourselves and hinder our true potential. We will examine the idea of ikigai and how we can create time and space to allow ourselves to dream, focusing on what we truly want to manifest for ourselves as opposed to focusing on what we don’t want.

February 26th, Workshop 2: Challenging our inner critic & developing self kindness

Through journaling exercises and group work we will begin to notice how loud our inner critic can often be and then look at ways we can compassionately challenge and change our inner narrative, allowing us to consciously create a kinder way of thinking.

March 26th, Workshop 3: Vikalpa and Sankalpa

Building on the dream areas we identified in Workshop 1, we will look at the concepts of vikalpa and sankalpa and start to come up with practical steps to achieve one or two of our major dreams. We will be honest about how we often sabotage ourselves, noticing what those patterns may look like, and develop a set of tools to head them off.

April 30th, 2022, Half Day Retreat: Defining Your Ikigai

In the final extended session, we will draw all of the themes of the course together and define our Ikigai. We will practice visualising and manifesting through a series of exercises and assignments and create daily rituals and practices that keep us on our new path and help us to consciously create and live the life of our dreams. We will embed support going forward by the formation of accountability partners to continue the journey of supporting us to step into the life we choose to live.


"I was not sure what to expect of the IKIGAI course, but it felt right from the first moment. Sarah filled this course with yogic wisdom and personal development, and she presents the content in an upbeat and humorous way. The course made me take a hard look at myself and come to some well needed truths about my life. Sarah was great as a sounding board and motivator throughout the course and afterwards. The course has genuinely changed my life and made me take some necessary steps in order to get closer to my dreams and ideal life." Anna "The course allowed me to step back, look at my life, how I would like it to be and where I would like it go. The sessions, facilitated by Sarah Rush, provided a balance of taught information, sharing of dreams and experiences and working out practical ways/steps to achieve those dreams. Each workshop built on what we had learned on the last one and all were supportive and enjoyable. As well as identifying aspects of my life/dreams I wanted to pursue, the course also taught me that you are never to old to seek and fulfil your dreams. Even a small change can count towards a bigger dream." Alison


Sarah has been practising yoga for thirty years and is a self-confessed personal development junkie. Having found greater potency in the yogic teachings when combined with coaching and self awareness tools, Sarah skilfully combined these approaches to transform her own life. Through combining release of limiting beliefs and unhealthy coping mechanisms, along with consciously creating and setting powerful intentions for her time, Sarah describes her life now as “beyond her wildest dreams” compared to her past governed by addiction. In the last 2 years, she has got married, moved to Southampton, opened her own yoga studio and blended 2 families. She is the epitome of a person who seeks out her true North.