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Rocket/Mandala Yoga

We have a dedicated Mandala Flow class every Wednesday at 545pm, then Zoe also teaches a Saturday 1pm 75 minute class that will alternate weekly between a Mandala vinyasa and a Rocket vinyasa class.

Week 1 (March 26 2022) will be Rocket.

This is an intermediate class where we will be sprinkling in some drills and tips to progress our arm balances and inversions over time. And if all that’s not your thing, don’t worry, she's got you covered! It’s not aiming to be a circus. Come with an open mind and curiosity, prepared to have some fun.


‘Rocket’ sounds intimidating but was meant to be the exact opposite, it’s aim is to be more inclusive, accessible and fun! Rocket’s roots is from Ashtanga vinyasa. Created by Larry Shultz, it was designed to be accessible for all, and have a more dynamic, energetic vibe. This intermediate practice will link movement and breath, build strength and flexibility, and give you the opportunity to try advanced poses. If you’re not into arm balances or inversions, don’t worry! Options and modifications are given so you can get the most out of class, no matter your goal.


This is a creative, flowing, dynamic practice, where you’ll move 360 degrees around the mat to the rhythm of the breath. The sequences are focussed on the elements and designed to target specific areas of the body. The class will begin and end with some yin poses, that aim to help open up areas of body in focus at the beginning or class, and close them off at the end. This practice will get your brain and body working, and most importantly you’ll have fun!

Rocket/Mandala Yoga classes are available as follows: