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Pregnancy Classes

We offer yoga classes from pregnancy through to post birth with your baby on the mat beside you. This gives you a chance to become part of a community, and the women who meet each other at pregnancy yoga, often stay on the journey together, coming along to mum and baby yoga classes with their babies and hanging around for tea and cake. These classes are gentle and nourishing for you and your baby.

We also offer pregnancy reformer Pilates and prenatal Barre designed to gently strengthen the muscles required for labour.

Take advantage of a special pre natal membership - unlimited pre natal classes for 3 months for £199.

Here are some Frequently asked questions:

  • Is it safe to practice pilates or yoga when pregnant?

    It’s always advisable not to start anything new, especially in the first trimester. However, if you have already been practicing yoga or pilates then it is fine to continue as long as you get permission from your doctor.

    You should note that because of the hormone relaxin in your body during pregnancy your joints soften to prepare for birthing. This means you can overstretch so whilst practising yoga in pregnancy it is advisable not to stretch to your full capacity and work on engaging the muscles to build strength and maintain flexibility.

  • When should I switch to a pregnancy class?

    It is always a personal choice of when to switch to a prenatal class.

    With a Pilates class – before 15/16 weeks you don’t really need to make any modifications except to take the easiest option for any abdominal work as you don’t need to be increasing strength in them. After this time it’s advisable to switch to a prenatal class.

  • Should I tell the teacher?

    Yes, you should always tell the teacher. They can give you options and will advise you on what not to do.

  • What sort of class is suitable/What should I avoid?

    It depends on what you were doing before you got pregnant and what your energy levels are like during pregnancy. Listen to your body – you might prefer to take more slow flow or gentle classes. Avoid any strong core-work.

    Pregnancy yoga is sequenced so that all of the postures are in some way a preparation for birth whether it be to ease the sensations of contractions or poses to engage your baby’s head. Through this time set aside to focus on your body and mind in pregnancy you can explore intuitively how your body likes to move, learn how to use the breath in labour and observe your habitual patterns of holding tension.

  • Are there any postures I should avoid or modify if I’m not in a pregnancy class?

    The teacher will explain this to you but after 15/16 weeks it’s advisable to join a pregnancy class. Generally, twists and backbends are not practised unless the teacher gives you specific modifications.

  • Are there any contraindications?

    You should always check with your doctor!

Pregnancy Classes classes are available as follows: