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We have a variety of pricing options for our in studio and livestream classes.

For new customers, we still have our intro offer of £35 a month for unlimited Studio 2 (yoga and mat Pilates studio) classes and now including live streaming, or 4 x reformer Pilates/barre classes (studio 1 classes).

We offer single drop in classes for live stream and studio classes as below, and 10 class packs. We can offer a discount code for live stream classes, so please email to ask.

We also offer a range of unlimited memberships for live streaming only, live streaming plus a limited number of in studio classes, a limited reformer pilates monthly memberships and full unlimited studio memberships which all include live streaming and on demand. For questions about any of our pricing options, please do email us at info@edeneast.co.uk.

Introductory Offers

  • Studio 2 and Live Streaming Introductory Offer - 20 days unlimited for £35


  • Studio 1 and live streaming - 4 reformer/barre classes to be used within 20 days


Single Class

  • Live stream class


  • Studio 2 class 60 mins


  • Studio 2 class 75 mins


  • Studio 2 class 90 mins


  • Studio 1 off peak class


  • Studio 1 peak class


Class Packs

  • 10 x Live Stream Classes


  • 10 x Studio 2 Classes


  • 10 x Studio 1 Classes


  • 20 x Studio 1 Classes


Pay Upfront Memberships

  • Live Streaming 1 Month Unlimited


  • Live Streaming 3 Months Unlimited


  • Studio 2 and Live Streaming | 1 Month Unlimited


  • Studio 2 and Live Streaming | 6 months Unlimited


  • Studio 2 and Live Streaming | 12 months Unlimited


Contract Memberships (T&Cs apply, minimum 6 months)

  • 5 x Reformer Pilates/Barre classes per month


  • 5 x Yoga/mat Pilates classes & unlimited live streaming per month


  • 4 x Yoga/Mat Pilates classes + 4 x Reformer/Barre classes + unlimited live streaming


  • Unlimited Studio 2 classes and live streaming


  • Unlimited classes across all studios and live streaming


Further Information

If you are unsure about what class or level will work for you, please email or give us a call and we will be more than happy to talk you through what is on offer.

If you are a complete beginner, we offer yoga basics classes which are geared specifically for people who have never done yoga before and 4 week beginners courses on Sundays at 3:45pm. Please check here for details of the next course. We will also be launching a live stream workshops programme.

We welcome your feedback so please let us know any thoughts at info@eastofeden.uk.